I have dedicated my entire life to the treatment and care of others.  I earned my degree in Biology (magna cum laude) because of my intense interest in the functions of life.  I soon thereafter became a Physician’s Assistant, focusing on emergency medicine, spending nearly my entire career in the University Hospitals system.


My introduction to Energy Medicine occurred several years ago.  My unplanned introduction happened during my father’s final days when, by instinct, I circled  my hand above his heart while he was unconscious and  watched his heart rate on the monitor rise significantly.  This introduction led me to investigate the benefits of alternative medical treatments as complements to traditional treatments.


I investigated numerous treatments including Reiki and  Reconnective Healing.  During my exploration, I attended an Eden Energy Medicine seminar which combined the best of all alternative methods and provided an avenue for seamless integration with traditional medical treatment..


The sophistication and benefits of Energy Medicine impressed me; in fact, the certification process encompassed three years of intense training.  My drive to provide others world class care motivated me to obtain my certification while raising my two children and continuing my career as an emergency room physician assistant.

Caring for Loved Ones

After obtaining my certification, I have worked with patients on an array of issues spanning minor ailments such as pulled muscles to chemotherapy sessions to help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments. I found myself visiting the nursing home quite often and performing Energy Medicine treatments on my mom to help keep her energies balanced and aid in her Alzheimer care. There seemed to be no limit of who could benefit.

I am continually in awe every time I do a session and see such positive results. I am active in helping future students as well since I am such a proponent of the benefits. I only wish these sessions could be streamlined into medical practice since they definitely help balance one’s system and correct many common maladies brought on by disrupted energies because of everyday stressors. I continue to strive towards that goal by maintaining by medical practices as well at this time offer my specialized Eden Energy medicine practices. Hope to see you soon!