A Functional Medicine Session takes place with
mindful discussion and attentive listening,
as your story holds the answer to
health and restoration

Cristina’s path to Functional Medicine

As a health care professional whose experience spans both sides of the spectrum, from Emergency Medicine (traditional) to Energy Medicine (alternative), Functional Medicine was the natural next step bridging the two.

Its patient-centered, integrative approach considers the whole person, including one’s environment, lifestyle and genetics. Functional Medicine’s mindset is totally personalized and comprehensive.

The Institute of Functional Medicine requires specific medical degrees to be admitted into its intense training program. I completed eight vigorous modules over a two-year span, and passed the grueling five-hour certification exam with a detailed case study, to become a certified practitioner (IFMCP).

Recognizing and embracing the ever-evolving nature of life and health, I deepen my knowledge through continuing education to stay current in the field. I look forward to working together with clients along their health journey.

First Visit – Assessment

Initial assessment includes a comprehensive review of medical history , current health status, previous treatments, exposures, stressors, and lifestyle. Previous labs review  and  functional labs may be ordered in guiding your assessment as well and discussion of your treatment goals. From there a personalized treatment plan including nutritional plans, nutraceuticals, stress reduction practices and lifestyle modifications will be provided to help you obtain your goals based upon our discussion .

80 min initial assessment – $340

Secondary Follow Up 

Review functional labs, diet, progress, and possible further recommendations based upon our discussion.

60 min follow up visits –$140

Ongoing Follow Up

Review continued  progress, answer questions that may arise and continued support

30 min follow up visits –$80

Required Forms & Consents

Please complete the Consent & Symptoms forms in advance of your appointment. Ideally, if you download, print, fill out, scan and return by email to c.me4energy@roadrunner.com I can be prepared with questions and recommendations. Or, you download, print, fill out and bring to your appointment.