An Energy Medicine Session takes place
fully-clothed on a massage table and
includes light touch and movement.

First Visit – Assessment

Initially, a thorough assessment of your needs will be performed by asking questions, discussing information from your intake form to guide your plan, and assessing your energy system through energy testing. Treatments vary according to your issues and energy assessment and may include specific techniques to address pain, hormone issues, immunity, nervous system, emotions , or overall balance. Generally, the combination of techniques allows your body to enter a state of relaxation where healing occurs.

Corrections will be applied and simple techniques will be identified that you can do at home to keep the energies in check.

80 min initial assessment – $120

Follow Up Sessions

Subsequent sessions will continue to support energy work and may delve deeper into the root of these imbalances since most often, your body’s imbalances did not happen overnight.

60 min follow up visits –$90
40 min basic balancing session- $60